What is TERRA’S COSMIC START-OVER? TERRA’S COSMIC START-OVER is set some time in the future, somewhere in the universe… Terra Forma, a 30-year-old Earth-born woman with a very rocky past who didn’t live the life she would’ve liked, has been trying to start a new and better life after leaving her decaying old planet. Now living out of an intergalactic food truck that she converted into a mobile home, Terra seeks stability, friends, and adventure on the unusual planet Monda Zoper… Perhaps something good awaits Terra here…

TERRA’S COSMIC START-OVER is intended for mature audiences. This webcomic contains strong language and adult themes.


Kyle J. Ostrum is an autistic graphic design/studio art graduate, writer, and occasional video maker. A long-time lover of animation, music, nature, and collecting. Also a vocal advocate for his/their fellow neurodivergent people. In addition to creating and writing the story, designing the characters, and making each panel, Ostrum also handles the lettering and formatting of the comic’s panels.