• She/They
  • Age: 30 (born October 18th)
  • From: Hampton, New Hampshire, USA – Planet Earth
  • About: A single, sarcastic, shy and frustrated autistic enby, Terra Forma left her home planet after life got her down. Now at the ripe “old” age of 30, she tries to make something of a living somewhere in a galactic neighborhood full of prospering planets. She lives in a defunct food truck that she converted into an RV, she still has trouble “socially” despite being more assured of herself than before, and is always trying to vibe while fighting anxiety and executive dysfunction and other sorts of things.
    • (dahl-an-mask-oh)
  • He/Him
  • Age: 36
  • From: Yentwa Plateau, Wilderness Sector 4 – Planet Monda Zoper
  • About: An indigenous Monda Zoper inhabitant, Dallanmasco prefers to live life slowly and quietly, without ever being in some kind of a rush. Thorough in his speaking, super friendly, and happily out of touch, social life isn’t so great for him, nor is his ever-in-limbo financial situation. Despite everything, he tries his hardest and tries to make every day count in some way or another.
  • Unaware of pronouns, but he’s a “good boy”!
  • Age: 5
  • From: COSP (Canine-Only Suburb Planet)
  • About: Biscuit, as he’s known by his owners, is a special unit operator and scouter codenamed “Barkerton” working for an all-dog society planet that is at odds with an all-cat society planet, both of whom are trying to claim a small, barren, livable planet. Resourceful, able to evade cat spies, and dedicated to his job, but also a talkative and quintessential best friend to his owners and very good-natured. You might catch him, however, chewing on a pair of shoes!
    • (rye-nuhs bore-ihg-lahn-s)
  • Doesn’t use pronouns, but… He/Him
  • Age: 43
  • From: Garrus City, Pikertwa, Planet Monda Zoper
  • About: Living in Garrus City his whole life, Reinus Borriglanse is a dedicated and tough-as-nails police officer who has served his city for 20 years, and is generally well-received amongst his law-enforcing colleagues… but he totally isn’t a favorite with the rather harmless petty criminals he routinely likes to mess with.
    • (chee-ohgs plahz-murz)
  • Same as above… Once again, He/Him
  • Age: 35
  • From: Lorrlorr, Arcoto, Planet Monda Zoper
  • About: An immigrant from the Arcoto continent, Ciogs Plazmurz is a police officer who has served Garrus City for 11 years. He is generally standoffish, short-tempered, and impatient towards anyone who so as much commits a minor crime, though he does like a good – if mean-spirited – joke every now and then.

(More coming soon…)